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CAD CAM Jewelry Design
Designing with a CAD (computer-aided design) system opens a world of possibilities for our jewelry designers. Modeling, prototyping and completed original jewelry designs are more accurate then ever before. Designs can have very intricate details, initials or logos along with diamonds and gemstones. Production time is also shorter, once you approve the design we will complete your original design in as little as seven to ten working days. 

Traditionally couples design a custom ring as an anniversary present to celebrate their long lasting union. One of the newer trends in engagement rings for mature couples is to commemorate their love with an original design. Exchanging ideas and collaborating on a design seems to build significantly more value then buying a ring off the case. Having your own custom designed ring is not as expensive as you might think.

Redesigning a diamond ring is a great way to preserve a special ring or sentimental diamond. People redesign diamond  or gemstone rings for a variety of reasons from preserving the sentimental value of their ring to desiring an original design and look. Some of the reasons for redesigning a diamond ring include:

  • Repairs: Repair are a common reason for redesigning a diamond ring. Over the years, the setting and band may wear out. A worn setting may cause a diamond to loosen or fall out. Sometimes a prong on a setting may break. Redesigning the diamond ring will preserve the history and sentimental value. 
  • Merging two rings: Some people like to merge a family heirloom, such as a mother's engagement ring, with another diamond ring to create an original piece of jewelry.
  • Update a design: A number of people want to update the look of their engagement ring or preserve their original diamond in a new ring design.

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Different types of Settings for your New Design
A setting is another term for the mounting that attaches the diamond to the ring band. You have a number of options for redesigning a diamond ring. Any type of setting will work for your new design. Settings styles for diamond rings include:

  • Prong setting: Classic prong settings is still one of the most popular mountings for engagement rings. Individual metal claws or prongs extend from the ring base and hold the diamond in place. This setting is often requested in a ring remounting or repair because prongs may loosen. ware or break over time.
  • Invisible setting: The popular modern invisible settings shows off diamonds without visible prongs or bars. A metal cup, attached to the band, holds the diamond in place without any metal obscuring the face of the diamond.
  • Bezel setting: A bezel setting is a metal band that wraps around a diamond to hold it in place. Bezel mountings can make a diamond look larger.
  • Channel setting: Most anniversary rings that feature multiple gemstones such as eternity rings involve channel settings. Diamonds are inserted in a channel in the ring band that holds the gemstones in place.
  • Flush setting: In a flush setting, the diamond rests in a hole that blends in with the rest of the band. This mounting resembles a bezel setting but without any metal wrapping around the face of the diamond.
  • Cluster setting: Cluster settings allow multiple diamonds or gemstones to be set in a specific design pattern such a heart, grapes etc.

For walk up service in the Phoenix metro area:

Arizona Diamond Center features jewelers on duty for your repairs and remounts wile you shop or even as you wait. They offer the best repair warranties in the valley, one year for all repairs and 5 years for laser repairs. Stop by and ask for your restoration or laser repair to be done by Sam (master jeweler specialized in laser repairs and restorations).

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For emailing, requesting estimate or questions:

Mansfield Designs contact Sam (master jeweler specialized in laser repairs and restorations) trough email for a price quote. Please include a picture (if possible) with a description of the item and the needed repairs. If work is accepted we will provide you with a shipping address. (we keep mailing address confidential for security purposes)

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