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Diamond Cutting & Repair Service 
We offer full diamond re-cuts, reshaping, and repair service for rounds and fancy shape diamonds. We can also cut your rough diamonds to provide you with the best quality yield.

With over 45 years of diamond cutting experience, our associates can help turn your old style broke or chipped diamond into a new modern cut for the beauty and symmetry of the diamond.

The "before" pictures to the left shows an old miners cut or European cut diamond with a large chip on the left half. The "after" picture shows a perfectly cut diamond to reflect light and beauty.

You don't have to wait until your diamond is chipped, re-cutting old (miners and European) cut diamond is a very popular and cost affective way to restore your jewelry. The beauty is hiding beneath the surface of the diamond it just needs a little help to bring it out!

Below is a schedule of prices, which do not include removing and re-setting your diamond nor any shipping or insurance.

Repairs                           Full Re-cut    

  per stone  per carat per stone per carat 
  .40-.99ct 1.0 ct and up .40-.99ct 1.0 ct and up
Round Diamonds    $275 $275 $300  $350
Fancy Shapes  $300 $300 $350 $375
Facet Girdle     $175 $225  - -
Ideal Cut Rounds  - - $375 $375
Reshaping (Fancy Shapes) $225 $225  - -
Custom Cutting  Available upon request
Rough Diamonds  Contact us for an estimate

Prices are estimated, actual price may vary. Price does not include removing or resetting your diamond.

All sizes and shapes starting 1.00 ct. (minimum). Prices are based on the weight of the original rough.


For walk up service in the Phoenix metro area:

Arizona Diamond Center features jewelers on duty for your repairs and remounts wile you shop or even as you wait. They offer the best repair warranties in the valley, one year for all repairs and 5 years for laser repairs. Stop by and ask for your restoration or laser repair to be done by Sam (master jeweler specialized in laser repairs and restorations).

Arizona Diamond Center    

Superstition Springs Mall | Fiesta Mall | Desert Sky Mall | Arrowhead Town Center

For mailing requesting estimate or questions:

Mansfield Designs contact Sam (master jeweler specialized in laser repairs and restorations) trough email for a price quote. Please include a picture (if possible) with a description of the item and the needed repairs. If work is accepted we will provide you with a shipping address. (we keep mailing address confidential for security purposes)

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